Being a small business owner is fun, challenging, and hardly ever easy!  We find that more often than not, people decide to start a business because passion drives what they do—not because they went to business school.  We find entrepreneurs don’t have experience with how to navigate the myriad of financial challenges unique to owning a business in today’s world.  They bootstrap, they fake it until they make it; and then there’s a day when they look around and their business feels bigger than them. 

Whether you are just starting a business or already running one, there are a number of common financial concerns shared by entrepreneurs. We are passionate about providing solid financial coaching to business owners with 1 – 200 employees.

Your business is very personal to you; it is an extension of you in some way.  The most important conversation we have with our small business clients is about what the owner(s) values and what they want their business to be for the community:

  • Other than profit, what does your Company care deeply about?
  • What does your Company stand for?

Every business needs a plan; a strategy that defines your goals and how to work towards them. Whether you are a new entrepreneur, or already have years invested, a well-planned strategy can take you to the next level. Our firm offers a full range of financial consulting services specifically tailored with the goal to help you grow and manage your business.