Today parents have more choices than ever for effective college saving strategies. While these choices give parents more flexibility, it also requires them to do more research to make sure they pick a strategy that is aligned with their values and goals. 

We are believers in the idea of, “Save what you can, when you can.”   As your Advisors, we can help you dispel the noise about whether to fund 

  • a traditional 529,
  • GET Credits,
  • and/or custodial accounts (UGMA and UTMA) & the tax benefits/impact of each.  

We show you the financial impact of ongoing savings on your cash flow(s) over the next 5, 10, and 20 years in an Education module of your Financial Plan.  

We aggregate your existing College Savings plans using our sophisticated cloud technologies so you can see real-time values of the accounts via our App.  After all, if the federal government is going to count the value(s) of your college savings accounts as “income” on the FAFSA then it should be seen as a part of your whole financial picture today!