There comes a point when you’ve accumulated enough wealth* that your assets are held on our Private Wealth Management platform custodied at Assetmark. Your in-office Advisory team expands to include a personal partnership with City National Rochdale and the personal level of service and attention to detail can be best described as “white glove service”.  Together we use a flexible, consultative approach that integrates macroeconomics to create a unique strategy focused on your:

  • individualized asset allocation
  • cash flow needs
  • and tax sensitivities

We practice with the belief that there isn’t just one “correct” worldview—especially with the complex, global financial markets we operate within today.  This belief carries over into our commitment to provide access to a premier network of financial analysts, strategists and portfolio managers available through City National Rochdale. Our Advisors work together as a team with Rochdale, to apply a comprehensive understanding of macro and microeconomics (both domestically and internationally) in harmony with your values. Our strategic decisions are not commoditized.

*Minimum AUM to hire Rochdale “off the Street” is $10 million.  Because of our excellent collaborative relationship with them we require only $1 million AUM.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.