Unlike previous generations who had the luxury of a Pension from a reliable employer, most of our clients will not be recipients of pension income in the future. If you do have a pension, we can assist you in fitting the other pieces of your retirement income puzzle together.

For everyone else who does not have a pension, there is the challenge of converting retirement savings into an income stream for life. We know that people want guaranteed income in retirement and we can help.

Everything we do is based on what you value (e.g. lifestyle, comfort, independence). We believe that when your money and your values are in alignment, you have financial independence. 

It’s time to start a conversation with us about Guaranteed Income Planning if you are someone who:

  • Values security
  • Isn’t keen on risk
  • Wants pension-type-income
  • Needs tax-deferral

Today, people are living longer than ever before. Over the last 60 years, the average life expectancy has increased by more than 10 years.* In fact, for a 65-year-old couple, there’s an almost 20% chance that one of them will live to age 95. ** This is all good news; however, the implication for our Clients is that we need to plan carefully…with the future in mind.

After we’ve completed our analysis/planning, we may recommend what we call a “bucket approach” to your assets:

  • We optimize what percentage of your assets should remain in stocks/bonds/mutual funds
  • What percentage can create guaranteed income through self-funded pension vehicles (in concert with Social Security Optimization)
  • Which assets need to be ear-marked /invested for long term growth (assuming your retirement lasts 25+ years.)

There’s a lot of noise out there about which financial “products” to buy or not buy. We practice with the belief that there’s a time and place for cash in hand; just as there’s a time and place for fixed and variable annuities.

The pundit on cable news isn’t privy to your financial situation, the complexities of your assets, tax bracket, and what you value in life. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid; it’s hype, not suitable advice.

As a team, we refuse to let our advice be tainted, swayed, or influenced by anything other than your best interest.  Each of us began our careers with financial institutions that told us what we were going to offer our clients, how much, and how often. Over time we individually removed ourselves from this advisor model.   Objectivity allows us to create space in our relationship for trust. When we make a recommendation, it’s because our analysis and experience indicates it’s in your best interest.  What We Value

You can expect that we’ll ask you how much of your retirement income you want to be guaranteed; the rest is an authentic conversation about your options for guaranteed and non-guaranteed income sources that strive to ensure you don’t outlive your money.

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** Source: RP-2000 Mortality Table, Society of Actuaries