Most people think “Will” when they hear the term Legacy Planning.  While this is partially true, as wealth advisors we like to apply an abundant mindset to the term.    We practice with the belief that when your values and money are in harmony, then your financial decisions can create long-lasting independence.

Our goal is to help people make informed financial decisions, grow their wealth, protect their assets, and create a legacy through the advice we give.  To some this means,

  • Using a life insurance policy to create a charitable gifting strategy
  • Long Term Care insurance strategies (to protect cash assets)
  • Gifting asset(s) to children/grandchildren
  • Closely monitoring beneficiary designations
  • Special allocations for certain accounts which may have an investment horizon longer than your lifetime
  • Leveraging RMDs (required minimum distributions) to create a gifting strategy
We collaborate with your attorney to work in tandem to protect your assets.   If you do not have a will or estate plan, we will send you to one of the attorneys we trust.