We believe the best advice we can give people is in the context of a holistic financial plan.  We aren’t talking about an old-school thick notebook, packed with spreadsheets and untimely data.   We use the power of sophisticated cloud- based technologies to do real-time analysis, and then put it in the language of the people.  We update everything from your net worth to your cash flows on a daily basis through aggregation. 

We take every piece of financial information you give us, from your mortgage to your car payments, your 401k contributions, your insurance policies, and your current investments.  Using this information we simulate various outcomes 10, 20 and 30 years into the future and we analyze the potential outcomes for risks to you and your financial plan. We acknowledge you for the successes in your current strategy(s) and we devise short and long-term strategies for improvement based on detailed analysis. We may produce hundreds of pages of analysis on your financial life, but we always distil it down to one summary page with two bullet points: immediate action items and a brief summary of recommendations.

So when you call us from the bathroom during a time share sales-pitch and ask, “Can I buy this thing and not mess up my financial life?” or “Can I retire at 63 vs 65?”   We can answer you with full integrity!  

We practice with the belief that knowing the truth (and owning it) will set you free.  This is why our firm puts such an emphasis on Financial Planning.