We are passionate about partnering with Employers to help create opportunities for their employees to build personal wealth and financial independence through Employer-Sponsored retirement plans.  We practice with the belief that access to these types of retirement savings accounts for employees perpetuates long-term financial wellness in the workplace and to society as a whole.

When Employers provide a retirement plan they may assume the role of a fiduciary (acting solely in another party’s best interest) for their employees; we respect companies who do this enormously! 

A lot of business owners want to provide a retirement plan for their employees but they feel overwhelmed by regulatory requirements.  We pride ourselves in keeping it simple; for the employer and the employee. We are passionate about providing support and education along the way. 

We will conduct your group or one-on-one participant education meetings with your employees so they understand their options/rights.  Then we roll up our sleeves and help Participants get enrolled and involved in their plan! 

If you are unsure of what type of Employer Retirement Plan is best for you, we will work with your tax professional to illustrate the costs and benefits of various solutions for your business. We are experienced with:

  • Traditional 401k Plans (from Solo K’s up to employers with 500+ employees)
  • Safe Harbor 401k Plans
  • Simple IRAs
  • SEP IRAs
  • Takeover Plans

Click here (Client Forms)to access the Employer Census document to get started on determining if an Employer Sponsored Retirement plan is right for your business!