As a Team we value making a difference, freedom, creativity and financial independence.  As Advisors we value authentic relationships with the families we serve.

You will see our relationship-centric values play out in a variety of ways.   

  • First you’ll notice how (purposefully) accessible we are. 
  • That we are relaxed and take our time in every appointment
  • You will find us to be proactive communicators who exercise the Golden Rule. 
  • Objectivity in our business model, allows us to create space for trust

You might even get a chance to meet our office mascot, Spencer (a 20 lb pup), who visits on occasion to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously.

We have worked hard as individuals to excel in our industry.  We provide comprehensive financial advice, manage our clients’ wealth, mitigate risk(s), and provide leadership with the goal for our Clients to get where they want to be financially. 

We practice with the belief that you are not your money.

We Love Objectivity 

We refuse to let our advice be tainted, swayed, or influenced by anything other than your best interest.   Each of us began our careers with financial institutions that told us what we were going to offer our clients, how much, and how often.  Over time we individually removed ourselves from this advisor model.  As a Team we are affiliated with LPL Financial, one of the largest independent broker/dealers in the nation; we are true independent advisors for our Clients.  By being objective,  we create space in our relationship for trust.  When we make a recommendation it’s based on our objective analysis and experience.