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Wong Financial Services - Spokane Valley, WA

  • 16201 E. Indiana Avenue, Suite 5220 | Spokane Valley, WA 99216
    215 Oregon Street | Kellogg, ID 83837
  • 509-892-0070

GMT Wealth Vision

 Our office uses powerful, sophisticated cloud-technology for our analysis and ongoing collaboration with you:

We organize everything you own all in one place, it's called Wealth Vision.  

  • There we connect up your all financial accounts—from your 401(k) to the cash value in your life insurance—they will be embedded in our analysis.  As the markets change throughout the day your balances are recalculated so your data responsive, not stale.   
  • Then we go to work doing analysis with your goals in mind.  Our job is to model how your investment and spending decisions today can impact your lifetime cash flow, effect retirement, and influence your tax and estate scenarios.  
  • If you’re over 50, we will include an optimization for Social Security Strategies in our planning; we show you how our recommendations play out in your lifetime cash flow.   
  • We can help your household to create a budget and view your spending habits in real time, monitor cash flow, and see your bottom line at any time. 

We give you access on both mobile and desktop to a highly-secure Wealth Vision website created just for you.  It will simplify staying organized financially. You’ll love it! 

(Then when you call us from the bathroom at a time-share-sales-pitch and ask if you should buy,  we can look at our planning objectively and provide holistic advice in your best interest.)